Production of aluminum ramps

We produce aluminum ramps:

  • for loading/unloading equipment on low-frame trailers and semi-trailers, trawls
  • for loading/unloading equipment on tow trucks, manipulators and on-board vehicles
  • for loading/unloading equipment on railway platforms, ferries and barges

We produce aluminum spacers:

  • to fill niches in sliding low-frame semi-trailers-telescopes
  • for leveling platforms with wheel niches between the axles of semi-trailers

Производство алюминиевых аппарелей 


Development of design documentation
The calculation and construction of a 3D model of the ramps is carried out according to the parameters agreed with the customer: the length and width of the ramps, the required perceived load on the ramp, the angle of arrival, attachment options to the equipment, etc. Only after agreeing with the customer all the parameters, including the price of the ramps, the task for production is received.


Mechanical processing
Aluminum profiles made of high-strength alloy obtained from the warehouse are delivered to the machining area equipped with procurement and metalworking equipment. If the received task relates to serial production, then the already cut-to-size and processed profiles are received from the warehouse, which are delivered immediately to the welding site.


Welding works
Welding posts of our production are equipped with conductors, in which aluminum ladders are assembled and welded. All work is carried out by highly qualified welders using imported welding equipment. At the end of the welding work, the aluminum gangways arrive at the shipment site, where the welds are cleaned and handles are installed.

The technological process worked out in production, a large warehouse stock of aluminum profiles, highly qualified personnel, gives us the opportunity to produce aluminum ramps, ladders, gangways for all our customers efficiently and in the shortest possible time.


Our customers are:

manufacturers of trailer and semi-trailer equipment
organizations and companies working in the field of cargo transportation

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